Moisture Control


Moisture is the key point, which needs to be paid for special attention. Natural wood is alive, even after they are finished. When you put new kitchen cabinets in the room. These cabinets will try to acclimate to the surrounding environment. We can tell the seasonal movement from exterior doors, or windows.  

If the moisture is higher than environment, then cabinet door will shrink. If the moisture is lower than environment, then cabinet door will expand. Both will cause crack, "white edge", split ect. This is the natural characteristic of solid wood. The ideal way is to control the moisture of solid wood at the approximate degree which is close to local average moisture index. This is the only way to void visible movement.
US is a big country geographically, moisture index is different in various states. So modulate moisture index accordingly is our job. Our QC people will inspect the moisture index of wood material before they were put into manufacture. This benchmark will be given by the foreign trade department, we will chart with clients the average moisture index, and convey this information to our QC people.
We will put solid cabinet parts in our balance room (as right picture show) before finishing. This is to fix the moisture index to a certain degree, once lacquer and sealer are applied, exterior humidity is not to affect these solid parts.
Our QC people stand up for the inspection and assortment of right lumber for a certain order. Our job is to make clients feel easy to sale our cabinets.

Precise Dimension
Every process, we will have our QC team to inspect dimension, once there is any incorrect cutting or sanding issue, we will pick it up, and never let it flow into the next step.

Constant Finish


Finish, people says quality cabinets depend on their finishes by 70%, and 30% on their material. Really, finish is so important as cloth saying how good you are, what's your taste and your style. We often communicate with our clients, and ask what is the most important point you are concerning about, lot of them say "constant of finish".

We know for the sales of cabinet business, you need to make sure each order can match up with prior orders and coming orders. This is because you are not to order cabinets after all your inventory is sold off. Once you pick up cabinets from orders before and new coming, they have to match up with each other.
Our QC team is well trained, they all have good eyes, and check the finish with standard sample doors, which is confirmed by buyer and seller. As to keep our sample door correct and will not have yellowing or problems like that, we pack the samples doors in thick paper bag, and place them in a dark and cool room, as to void UV ray change the finish. We only use them when we need inspect other doors. We will inspect every piece of doors, drawer heads, frames, once the color is no perfectly match up with our sample door, we will ask our people to pick it up and fix the finish before the shipment. For each order, we will make two or three pcs (PCS) of extra doors, and keep them properly, in this way we can see finishes from each order.
We have very good lacquer vendor, and we have clear agreement with them, once our clients confirm the finish, never never do (make) any change to the component. Otherwise, they need to take responsibility for all the losses. Our lacquer vendor is the lead manufacturer in China, and they are very professional on this field, we work closely together, guarantee every thing is going on the right track.