4921449295598931.jpgStraight Line Rip Saw

Originally made in Italy, precise suspensive slide, and high quality blade ensue the high performance of cutting, smooth, and accurate.
2.jpgFour Side Planner

Used to shape wood block into accurate size and profile, our cabinet frame, various moldings are made by this machine, Made in Taiwan, Powerful, high performance and very accurate working.
3.jpgDovetail and Tenon Maker

Dovetail and Tenon joint is a traditional method for assembly of drawer box, strong and firm by dovetail joints, together with glue, your drawer box is reliable for daily using.
With Our Dovetail and Tenon Maker, the joint can be very precise and smooth, guarantee of a good craft .
4.jpgWide Belt Sanding Machine

Very Powerful Sanding Machine, made in Taiwan, Features of perfect precision and very nice sanding result. Double Sanding Heads ensure the surface is very smooth and constant thickness always.
5.jpgFlowing Circle for Painting

Professional Designed Flowing Circle, once we properly arrange cabinet parts on the rack, this circle will carry these parts forward and finished one by one, At the same time, there are baking Ovens set on the circle, as to heat and catalyze the lacquer to cure ASAP.